Three is first mobile operator to remove data restrictions and out-of bundle charges for smartphone users in Irish market

Three, Ireland’s largest high speed mobile network and mobile broadband market leader, has launched a ground-breaking new data tariff – ‘All you can eat’ for consumers and eliminated excess ‘out of bundle’ data charges for smartphone users.

From today, smartphone customers on Three will benefit from the addition of ‘All you can eat’ data usage to the networks Flex Max price plans at no additional cost.* As the first network operator to introduce this, Three is equipping customers with as much data as they can consume and eliminating the data-allowance-based excess charges that other operators still levy on users.

Incurring unexpected data charges is one of the biggest barriers to customers making the most of the new smartphone world.  With the advent of high definition videos and games, not to mention apps, maps, social media updates, emails music, video calls and much more, data usage will continue to grow and with it the need for a plan that provides reassurance.

With smartphone sales surging towards the end of 2010 and now accounting for almost 20%* of overall worldwide mobile phone sales, Three has made this move to remove any concerns around the cost of using data on smartphones, for both new and existing customers.

Three now offers ‘All you can eat’ data across its range of compelling Flex Max price plans to customers on 18 or 24 month contracts, providing all the calls and texts they need each month for one simple and affordable price of €40, €60, €80 or €95.

Commenting on the launch of this exciting new initiative, Eoin MacManus, Commercial Director at Three said: “At Three we’ve built a network with the scale and scope to meet people’s data needs both now and into the future – and with more and more customers choosing to opt for next generation smartphones, this will prove more important than ever.”

“Doing things differently to our competitors is in our DNA and the introduction of ‘All You Can Eat’ data is aimed at giving customers peace of mind when using the internet on their mobile handset.  By eliminating potential bill shock, they can enjoy the full smartphone experience freely – whether that’s surfing, emailing, social networking, watching, listening or playing – without worrying about the cost.”

“While other operators are restricting the data their customers can use before they get hit with out-of-bundle data charges, Three Ireland is lifting all limits on the amount of data smartphone users can consume on their mobile. This proposition underpins our position as an innovator and a mobile operator that isn’t afraid to drive change.”