Three’s customers drive the equivalent of 8.7 million WhatsApp messages in data through its network every minute

Three is Ireland’s leading mobile data operator, carrying more data than all other operators combined.

Final Network Infographic 15th June16th June 2016. According to the most recent ComReg quarterly reportⁱ published 9th June 2016, Three continues to carry more data (54%) on its network than all other mobile operators combined, making it Ireland’s leading mobile data operator. A huge 1,747 terabytes of data passes through Three’s network every week. That is more than 10 terabytes per hour and the equivalent of:

  • 22,000 episodes of Game of Thrones every hour
  • 9 million images uploaded to Instagram every hour
  • 2 million views of that Shane Long goal on YouTube every hour
  • 4 million songs streamed every hour
  • 520 million WhatsApp messages every hour

With consumers looking to their mobile devices to stay connected, work on the go and provide entertainment, it is hardly surprising that data consumption is constantly on the rise, with Three’s network seeing a 77% increase in data traffic in 2015.

Three’s customers in rural areas, where broadband access is a well-documented challenge, are also looking to 3G and 4G mobile data as a fixed line broadband alternative, with 51% of all data traffic carried on rural sites.

Elaine Carey, Chief Commercial Officer at Three commented: “According to the most recent ComReg report, we carry 54% of all mobile data traffic through our network. This is because our customers, across rural and urban areas, have a huge appetite for data and we respond to this by giving them All You Can Eat data and free 4G on all plans.

“It’s interesting to see that 51% of all data traffic is on our rural sites, and even though we do have more rural sites than urban sites, it really does show that mobile data is providing a real alternative.

“4G penetration is also increasing significantly with ComReg reporting that in Q1 2016 43.5%ⁱⁱ of all mobile data was generated on 4G, compared with 18.8% in Q1 2015. This is set to increase further with our investment of €300 million in our network which will result in 145% increase in 4G sites. In addition, the availability of 4G Plus across the country delivers the fastest speeds available on mobile with peak speeds of 225 Mbps, meaning our customers can now do even more with their mobile device”, she concluded.

Three is currently investing €300 million in its network. This work is well underway and will be complete by 2017.