Three powers connected future through Internet of Things investment with Cisco Jasper

Three is the leader in M2M technology in Ireland with 48% market share

Dublin, 27th March 2017 – Three Ireland has today announced a partnership with Cisco Jasper to extend its capabilities in the Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace.

Three business customers will be able to launch IoT services using Cisco Jasper’s powerful connectivity management platform, Control Center, on Three’s network. This partnership represents a significant move by Three, part of the conglomerate CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd, to extend its capabilities in the burgeoning IoT space, leveraging its global portfolio of high-speed mobile networks to the advantage of the IoT market. Cisco Jasper has partnered with the Three Group worldwide, powering connected devices globally. Three Group serves over 120 million customers across three continents using networks built for fast mobile data.

“As Ireland’s leading mobile data network, Three’s partnership with Cisco Jasper will give our business customers an edge in the IoT market for years to come,” said Eoin MacManus, Business Director at Three. “Speed, flexibility and control are key to powering connected devices, and Three will now have the capabilities to deliver this on a global scale.”

Three sees significant demand for the Control Center platform in all of its markets and particularly from the following segments:

  • Connected cars – Connected car initiatives enable auto makers worldwide to transform their vehicles into connected hubs capable of delivering services that enhance the driver’s experience, drive new revenue and deliver powerful research and development insight into vehicle performance. As the autonomous car market evolves, the role of reliable, automated connectivity will be critical to the delivery of ongoing services. Cisco Jasper has a deep history in the Connected Car market, with 23 of the world’s largest auto manufacturers using Cisco Jasper for their connected car initiatives. 
  • Building security and automation – Connectivity has transformed how we interact with both commercial properties and our homes, making them more efficient, secure and responsive to our needs. The services that make these outcomes possible have changed both experiences and expectations, and are becoming increasingly essential. The more we value these services, the more pivotal connectivity becomes, which is why many of the world’s largest building security and automation providers rely on the Cisco Jasper platform.
  • Transportation and logistics – IoT is a critical enabler for optimising and automating transportation and logistics businesses. With real-time location views and comprehensive historical data, the Cisco Jasper Control Center platform helps companies improve fleet performance and enables maximum business efficiency at point of departure, during carriage and at point of arrival.

As a global market leader, the Cisco Jasper Control Center platform is the IoT connectivity management platform of choice of over 7,000 enterprises worldwide. Control Center enables these companies to rapidly and efficiently launch, manage and monetise their IoT services, while providing the flexibility for businesses to scale those IoT services worldwide to meet the changing needs and expectations of their customers.

“Innovative enterprises in every industry are already utilising Control Center today to enhance their customers’ IoT experiences and generate new, ongoing revenue sources,” said Kalle Ward, Managing Director EMEAR, IoT Cloud at Cisco Jasper. “Cisco Jasper has been powering these Real IoT successes for more than 10 years, and our connectivity management platform helps businesses automate and manage the delivery of their IoT services globally. We are delighted that Three, with its high-speed mobile networks built for data and its multinational footprint, has selected Cisco Jasper as its partner to deliver IoT simplicity.”