Have you got the WOW factor? 

Dublin, Wednesday 16 October 2012 – The act of buying a new phone is a treat for most. The act of getting it up-and-running can be less of a pleasure and more of a chore.  More often than not, there are also associated worries that the phone won’t work properly once home, the text will be in a foreign language, the numbers deleted or worse, all those purchased songs and apps will be lost in cyber space forever. Not any more!       

Today, Three announced the launch of the WOW factor – a Walk-Out-Working service that means customers will never leave a store again without a ready-to-use phone. The new service means that everyone who purchases a phone from Three will get their new handset set up and ready for use in-store.

Simon Jones, Three’s Head of Sales welcomed the new service saying: “Our customers tell us they expect the WOW factor when they buy a new phone, not the “owwww” factor! We offer so much value like All You Can Eat Data, our customers can’t wait to get started and now they can pain-free with this new service. We’re the only operator In Ireland WOWing our customers so it’s another reason to switch to Three from the old networks.”

Walk-Out-Working will be available throughout all of Three’s 28 retail stores around the country and is offered across all handsets irrelevant of the model. The service will be available right the way through Christmas and beyond, customers just need to mention it to their sales assistant on the day of purchase.

For more information, pop into a 3Store or visit three.ie.