Three come to Jedward’s rescue

Three,Ireland’s largest high speed mobile network have come to the rescue of phone-less Eurovision hopefuls Jedward. The hair-raising celebrity twins lost their iPhone recently which contained the contact details for several top celebrities.

Many were surprised to learn that the twins, John and Edward Grimes, share the same phone. They took to Twitter to issue an appeal to fans when they realised they had lost their beloved Smartphone “Emergency! We have lost our phone … it is a red and black iPhone and the screen saver has us and our fans on it. Everyone look!” they tweeted.

John and Edward have called off the emergency call to their fans after Three came to their rescue by providing them each a replacement handset including the All You Can Eat data plan for the social networking addicts. The twins are now back in touch with their legions of planet Jedward fans on Twitter using their new iPhones.

Commenting on the announcement, Rachel Channing, PR and Communications Director at Three said: “We are delighted to welcome Jedward to Planet Three with our new “hair raisingly-good” All You Can Eat data for Smartphones. Jedward can tweet, facebook and surf as much as they like with Three. We love Jedward and we can’t wait to see what they are going to tweet next. Who knew they were friends Mr Scowell?! We’re just pleased they don’t need to share phones any more now they both have free unlimited internet – it’s double trouble now for Jedward on Twitter with Three.”

Commenting on the announcement from Three, Jedward said; “OMG we can’t wait to get back to talking to our Twitter fans on our new iPhone. Thank you so much to Three for putting us back in touch with all of our fans. We’ll be using our new iPhone from Three to tweet about our upcoming tour.”

Three has launched a number of ground–breaking initiatives in recent months including Irelands first All you can eat data tariffs which allows customers to surf for free and avoid the shock of monthly bills and the Dare to dream affinity scheme which offers FAI affiliated clubs the chance of earning cash when their members switch to 3, the more people that switch, the more money the club earns.

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