Three Ireland finds growing trend in use of private devices in businesses

Research demonstrates businesses becoming more dynamic in device usage 

Dublin, November 28 2013:  Staff in a quarter of Irish businesses now use their own mobile phones and devices at work, with managers expecting this proportion to increase in 2014, according to research commissioned by Three Ireland.

The research, conducted by the independent polling firm Behaviour and Attitudes, also showed that more than half of business owners/managers use their own devices. The survey of 350 Irish businesses, selected to reflect the different sized businesses in Ireland proportionately, showed that the traditional pattern of employees receiving standard handsets and devices from their employer is being eroded.

Some 19% of business managers now say they will encourage employees to use their own devices next year, while the company continues to pay the usage charges. “More and more employees are coming to their workplace and expecting to be able to access their corporate network with their own devices”, according to Eoin MacManus, Business & Wholesale Director at Three.

“We can work with businesses to help them manage who they give access to and show them how to securely manage the range of different devices that are now expected to access their corporate system.

“Employees have stronger preferences in relation to the device they want to use than ever before, and don’t want to be forced to accept whichever device the company has selected”, MacManus went on. “The Bring Your Own Device model typically works when the employer gives employees a set allowance towards their device, who can then buy either a standard device or a top-of-the range device, that they can then use for both personal and work use.”

The research also found that 65% of businesses said they would shop around next year to seek better value from the mobile service provider.  The SIM only package offered by Three offers businesses the best value in the market and gives employees the device flexibility so many of them want, MacManus said. “Under our SIM only package, businesses can simply purchase SIM cards from Three and then allow employees put them into whatever devices they wish. This saves money the company would pay on buying and maintaining a number of devices that employees might not even want.”

Employees who use their own devices also work more productively and efficiently, and have been shown to put in more hours per year, flexibly between work and home.

Under Three’s business SIM only deal for just €20 business customers get unlimited voice calls and text  to any Irish mobiles or landlines as well as unlimited data usage.  SIM only at €20 is 33% better value than the nearest handset plan.Three is the only network that offers SIM only for business.

“The research shows that businesses and employees are saying they want a system whereby staff can use their own devices for work purposes, while their employer pays the monthly charges.  This is an unbeatable way to make that happen.  It is also based on a 30 day rolling contract so customers don’t have to commit to anything long-term.”