Over 80% of professionals are experiencing an increase in their reliance on mobile data as mobile working drives up data usage

Three launches new ‘All you can eat’ data package for businesses

15th February 2015. A recent survey carried out amongst 500 professionals at the leading business event, Pendulum Summit, has found that over 80% of professionals are experiencing an increase in their reliance on mobile data, with 54% describing this increase as significant. In addition, almost 80% of those surveyed described their data usage as high (50%) or very high (29%).

The emergence of mobile working is a key driver in this increase in mobile data usage as people move away from the PC as their device of choice. In fact, 50% [1] of IT professionals in Ireland have seen a decrease in their use of a PC due to use of a mobile phone. The benefits of mobile working are evident with 91% of those surveyed at the Pendulum Summit noting that it has made their life easier. However, data and device security risk has become a heightened concern for almost 80% of those surveyed.

Nicola Mortimer, Head of Business Product, Marketing and Operations, Three, said “Mobility has transformed how we work in recent years with employees now needing to be able to work from anywhere at any time. A key facilitator of this trend is availability of mobile data. Three is considered the network of choice for data users, carrying more data on our network than all other operators combined, and, given this significant increase in demand, we are now introducing All You Can Eat data for our business customers from just €45 per month. Not only are we the only operator to offer business plans with All You Can Eat data, we also offer free 4G so customers can access Three’s state of the art 4G network.

“Three is currently investing €300 million in its 4G network. This work is well underway and will be complete by 2017. Some areas are already seeing the benefits and when work has been completed there will be a 145% increase in 4G sites across the country” she added.

For more details, log on to www.three.ie/business.


[1] 2015 survey carried out by Three in association with TechBeat in September 2015.