70% of Irish people prefer to reward themselves over friends.

  • Irish adults choose Mrs. Brown as their favourite personality to share a reward with.
  • Research discovers three Irish personality types when it comes to rewards; savers, introverts and optimists.

Wednesday, 31st May: Almost 3 in 4 (73%) adults claim to be members of reward programmes and that they regularly use their loyalty cards/reward apps, according to research commissioned by Three to celebrate its better than ever customer rewards programme, 3Plus.

When it comes to rewarding, Irish people live up to the old Irish saying ‘Me Fein’ as almost 7 in 10 (69%) adults admit that they prefer to reward themselves with only 13% of those surveyed saying they would prefer to reward a friend. Interestingly, 5% are shy when comes to treating themselves, admitting they don’t always claim rewards.

The research has also uncovered three distinct personality types when it comes to rewards; ‘savers’, ‘introverts’ and ‘optimists’. The research has found that Ireland is a nation of ‘savers’ as more than 6 in 10 (64%) reward programme members claim the ability to save money is what they like about being rewarded through loyalty programmes.  Less than 1 out of 10 (6%) fall into the ‘introvert’ category – they like to get small tokens of appreciation but may not claim them unless it’s easy to do so. 30% of Irish people are in the ‘optimists’ category and admit to using reward programmes for the simple thrill of getting something for free, one of the main benefits Three customers will enjoy with the new and improved 3plus app.

Irish people really do love our Irish mammies with 28% of those surveyed revealing they would most like to share a reward with Mrs. Brown. Pop sensation Ed Sheeran (24%) follows in a close second and Irish sweetheart Amy Huberman coming in third at 22%. 68% of Irish people claim that they reward themselves as a ‘pick-me up’ with a surprising 5% believing that they deserve a reward for putting up with the mother in law!

It is the simple and instant rewards that have always appealed to Irish people, and when asked to reminisce about childhood rewards, 62% cited receiving a small amount of money to spend on whatever they wanted; 43% remembered getting to stay up late to watch television, with a further 42% mentioned getting no homework.

Commenting on the research findings, Chartered Psychologist Niamh Hannan said “It’s interesting that different personality types have emerged here. This research shows that at heart we are savers. Almost 7/10 (68%) of participants take part in reward schemes in order to save money.”

“3/10 (30%) of respondents were categorised as optimists – they’re in it for the thrill of getting something for free.  The optimist group tends to be more extrovert. In line with other studies*, the 3Plus research confirms optimists are more reward sensitive, i.e. they’re more highly motivated to seek rewards and may take risks for this whereas the introvert is more cautious, better at delaying gratification; they don’t get the same buzz from rewards.”

Speaking about the better than ever 3Plus reward programme, Elaine Carey, Chief Commercial Officer of Three Ireland said “At Three, we are delighted to offer such a strong programme as 3Plus. Having this strong offering is our way of saying thank you to our loyal customers who will now have access to the latest and best offers, all of which are available on the new and improved 3Plus app. We believe the app demonstrates a real understanding of our customer’s needs which includes instant rewards and access to Money can’t buy experiences. Looking at the three personality types discovered in the research, 3Plus now has options for ‘savers’ who can get a fuel discount at selected Topaz stores, for ‘optimists’ who can avail of discounts eating at their favourite restaurants and also for ‘introverts’ who can enjoy the latest blockbuster movie at the cinema. The new 3Plus app has something for everyone!”

Have all the exclusivity of 3Plus in the palm of your hand, now available exclusively to Three customers on iPhone and Android or at three.ie/plus.