Enhance your digital life with All You Can Eat Data from Three

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Three, Ireland’s largest high speed network, today unveiled its new Prepay TV commercial, the second production to come out of newly recruited creative stable, Boys and Girls.

The new 40 second advert which will air on RTE, TV3, 3e, Sky and E4 and various other channels from tomorrow (Wednesday), highlights the benefits of ‘All You Can Eat’ data on Three. The ad shows how All You Can Eat data enhances our ‘digital lives’, be it on Facebook, Instagram or Spotify. For just €20 a month, Three customers get data as it should be – limitless.

The ad, which was shot in Prague, was directed by Brett Foraker, a director with RSA films. Brett previously held the role of Creative Director at Channel 4 and was best known for the award winning series of ‘Idents’ for Channel 4.

Even more impressive perhaps is the fact the post production and effects for the ad were created by the Moving Picture Company in London. This is the same company that recently completed the post production and effects on Prometheus and also picked up an Oscar earlier in the year for their visual effects work on Life of Pi.

Speaking about the new Prepay advert, Elaine Carey, CCO of Three said: “Three’s All You Can Eat data is the best value on the market. Unlike other mobile operators there are no limits or extra charges for consuming too much data. We all lead digital lives, there’s not just ‘online’ you, there’s ‘social media’ you, there’s ‘fantasy football’ you, ‘Spotify’ you, ‘Instagram’ you. We want our customers to be able to use their phone as they would like to. Three’s ‘All You Can Eat’ data allows you to make the most of all your digital identities, to live each life fully without worrying about data limits.”

Rory Hamilton, Creative Director at Three’s new ad agency Boys and Girls said: “Most people have heard the term ‘All You Can Eat’ data but a lot of people aren’t exactly sure what that means. We wanted to create a highly engaging and visual ad which the viewer could relate to. We all lead digital lives, in some way or other, some of us more than others. With Three our digital lives are enhanced with ‘All You Can Eat’ data. So whether you’re checking in on Facebook or downloading songs from Spotify there’s no need to worry about going over your data limit. Three’s All You Can Eat data is data exactly as is should be.”

Click here to see a sneak preview of Three’s latest Prepay ad which will launch across a number of stations on Wednesday 1st May.