50% usage limit increase from 10GB to 15GB, saving up to €250 for high users

More music, more fun with 3 

Today, 3, threw the gauntlet down to other mobile operators by extending their mobile broadband usage by an extra 5 gigabytes to 15GBs at no extra charge. No other mobile broadband operator in the Irish market has such a high broadband usage limit.

The usage limit on any mobile broadband packages defines how much a user can download or surf before being charged extra when they exceed this rate. A gigabyte (GB) is approximately 300 MP3s / music tracks or around 2 hours of video. This 50% increase in usage by 3 will allow users to download an extra 1500 music tracks, an extra 10 hours in video and will save up to €250 for high end users.

Speaking at announcement, Susan Branchflower, Marketing Director at 3 said, “By increasing our download limits by 50% for free, we are offering 3 customers the best value and most advanced broadband packages on the market today. The extension to 15GB will mean that heavy internet users can get the very best out of the 3 network. As more and more of us rely on the internet every single day, we want to ensure our customers can access increased information without worrying about extra charges or tariffs,” she added.

Today, 3 is the leading provider of mobile broadband services in Ireland with 120,000 high speed mobile broadband subscribers across the country. 3 was recently appointed to roll-out the Government’s National Broadband Scheme which will make high speed mobile broadband available to the last 10% of the country. Operating on a purpose built 3G network, mobile broadband from 3 offers customers high speeds of up to 7.2Mbps.

For further information on 3 mobile broadband and increased download limits please drop into your local 3Store or visit three.ie