Carlow people are Facebook crazy according to a survey commissioned by 3, Ireland’s market leader in mobile broadband. The 3 Mobile Broadband Survey shows that 77% of Carlow natives surveyed were members of Facebook compared to only 67% in counties Meath and 68% in Westmeath.


Favourite Social Networking Sites for Carlow:

  1. Facebook (77%)
  2. Bebo (38%)
  3. Twitter (15%)


Overall a whopping 84% of online surfers in Carlow use the net for fun and entertainment with just 16% using the internet for work or business. This compares to hardworking people in Cavan where 23% use the net for work purposes. 36% of those surveyed in Carlow stay in touch with friends online while 21% use it for shopping. 61% claim convenience was the most important reason to shop online with 82% of people most likely to buy books, CDs, DVDs and music.  A huge 85% of overall respondents surf the internet every day.


The survey was commissioned to coincide with the announcement that the big broadband switch-on with 3 is currently taking place in Carlow, making it one of the first counties in Ireland receive much-needed broadband connectivity from 3.


It seems that Carlow natives are popular online with 54% saying that they have more than 60 online friends compared to just 35% of respondents from counties Monaghan and 39% in Westmeath. 70% of overall respondents say they follow celebrities on Twitter with comedian and TV presenter Jonathan Ross the most popular Twitter celebrity (39%) compared to Barack Obama with 31% and Ashton Kutcher with 26% of followers.


The 3 Mobile Broadband Survey shows that 35% of Carlow natives surveyed say ‘Party Animal’ is the type of Facebooker that best describes them. 27% admitted to being the ‘Bad Speller’ while 18% confess to being the ‘Let-Me-Tell-You-Every-Detail-of-My-Day’ type of social networker.


Carlow Facebookers:

  • 35%                The Party Animal
  • 27%:               The Bad Speller
  • 18%:               Let-Me-Tell-You-Every-Detail-of-My-Day
  • 8%                  Faux Friend
  • 6%:                 The Town Crier
  • 5%:                 The Self Promoter


Homes and businesses all across Carlow can now avail of 3’s broadband offering which provides a minimum download speed at launch of 1.2Mbps* and is operating on world leading broadband technology. 3’s broadband product offering which costs just €19.99 per month for 15GB, with a once off connection fee of €49.


For more information, visit or contact 3’s dedicated information and customer service team on 1800 944 791 to order the broadband products which will be delivered straight to the door. The National broadband scheme with 3 is co-funded by the Irish Government and the European Union.


*Contention Rates