3, in conjunction with IT service partner Enovation Solutions, have implemented a document management solution to comply with the strict document storage and management guidelines of the National Broadband Scheme tender agreement.


According to the agreement, the thousands of documents generated by the scheme need to be stored in a system that can be easily accessed, reviewed and approved by many stakeholders at 3 and the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources.


“As a Government-funded initiative, transparency and accountability are extremely important,” said Nicola Kennedy, New Business Account Manager at 3. “We needed a solution that would help us comply with these requirements but that was secure and user-friendly as well.”


Enovation Solutions was chosen as the service partner on the project based on their extensive experience delivering solutions to complex business issues. Following a consultation period in March 2009, Enovation recommended open source software Alfresco as the best solution to manage the documentation process and then customised Alfresco to meet the specific needs of the workflow environment. The solution was piloted by 3 in June 2009 and, following some further customisations, successfully deployed in September 2009. Hosting, training and on-going support were also key elements of the contract.


Nicola at 3 went on to praise Enovation: “We are very proud of the fact that we won the scheme but we certainly could not have delivered on the documentation requirements without the work of Enovation Solutions; Alfresco is working well for everyone and the post-development support and training have been excellent.” 


“This project is a perfect example of how Enovation Solutions can take a complex business problem, analyse it and deliver a cost-effective solution to the client.” Mary Hourigan, Projects Director, Enovation Solutions.