Today 3 has announced its new MiFi device, with the launch of the E585 modem. This updated device is aimed at enabling consumers to become truly connected without any wires.


The E585 MiFi is a premier look and feel modem, which uses 3’s network to create its own mobile WiFi hotspot.  This allows you to connect to up to five WiFi enabled devices (like iPods, MP3 players, gaming devices and laptops) to the internet at the same time without the need for wires or a USB connection. In simple terms truly mobile WiFi capabilities. The device has also got a sleek makeover, with a cool black top, mirror finish on the screen and a silver back


The device comes with a host of new features such as a one touch connection process, an OLED (organic light emitting diode) screen which displays all the icons in a perfect contrast for easy to read key information, the ability to recharge the unit when in use and even a new web based user interface.


3’s Commercial Director, Eoin MacManus said, “The new 3 MiFi device has arrived and 3 is bringing it to customers at a price point that makes it accessible and affordable. It’s perfect for people after genuine wireless internet access on the go. The ability to create a WiFi hotspot for up to five devices such as laptops, MP3 players and iPads no matter where you are, is a must-have for the consumer on the go.”


The 3 MiFi modem is available on both 3Pay and Pay Monthly options on and in 3Stores across the country.


Post Pay

  • 3 Broadband Light – 1GB of monthly usage for €9.99 with modem prices ranging from €79 – €89
  • 3 Broadband Active – 15GB monthly usage for €19.99 with modem prices ranging from €39 – €69
  • 3 Broadband Pro – 30GB monthly usage at the special promotional rate of €26.24 with modem prices ranging from €39 – €9*.


*Special promotional offer on 30GB package applies until December 31st



The 3 MiFi wireless modem cost only €79 on pre pay. For as little as €5, customers can purchase everything from a day’s usage (500MBs), a week’s usage (1GB and 2GBs) or a month’s (7.5GBs, 10GBs and 20GBs) of usage.


Set up is simple. No software installation is required, simply switch on the wireless modem and connect to high-speed Internet using a WiFi signal. A WiFi enabled device will automatically pick up the signal and ask for an eight-digit network key which you will be asked to input just once for every new device you want to connect.


No fixed-line is needed, customers simply require 3’s 3G coverage to connect.