3, Ireland’s largest high speed network, today detailed that its customers make over 7,000 Skype to Skype calls a day on average and over 2,500 Skype calls to lines abroad.


3, which launched free Skype to Skype calling into Ireland in 2007, remains the only mobile operator in Ireland to offer people the freedom to enjoy Skype on the move and help drastically reduce call costs. With over 7,000 Skype to Skype calls made daily by 3 customers this accounts for a whopping 658 hours of chat.


3’s unique Skype offering (Skype call phones abroad) provides 3 customers with a significant cost saving as people can call international mobile and landline numbers via their Skype phones at Skype rates.  Just over 2,500 calls are made daily using this service, totalling almost 17,000 minutes of chat with friends and family abroad.


David Kent, Head of Entertainment, 3 “As part of 3’s strategy to offer our customers innovative solutions, all of our mobile phones come with a Skype client which enables 3 customers to make free calls and send free instant messages to anyone on Skype, anywhere in the world.  Not surprisingly Skype usage on your mobile is very popular on 3, with over 3 million minutes of Skype chat per month.”