3, Ireland’s largest high speed network, today launched the new Business Solo price plan which helps small businesses to stay in control of what they spend.


As a small business owner herself, Suzanne can avail of the new Business Solo price plan on 3 which enables businesses to use their mobile more and pay less, whilst controlling exactly how much the bill is going to be each month.


For just €75 per month the plan is ideal for sole traders or small businesses with extensive mobile use as the plan will adapt to cover any particularly high users in the company, whilst providing inclusive minutes to both Irish landlines and mobiles, and UK landlines and mobiles.


The monthly bundle also includes 1GB of data to encourage business customers to avail of the benefits that 3’s first-class 3G network can offer them with the security of knowing the final amount of their monthly bill.


Other benefits of the Business Solo plan include free 3-to-3 calls so customers can talk to their colleagues, or anyone on the 3 network, at any time, for as long as they like. The free voicemail offer is another cost-saving reassurance, allowing you to pick up messages on busy days without incurring additional charges.


For business customers who frequently travel, “3 Like Home” allows customers to call Ireland from any country with a 3 network and be charged domestic rates.


For only €75 per month customers receive:

  • Unlimited calls to RoI landlines *
  • Unlimited calls to RoI mobiles
  • Unlimited texts to all ROI networks
  • Unlimited calls to UK landlines
  • Unlimited calls to UK mobiles
  • 1GB of data
  • Choose from the latest 3G mobiles
  • 3 Like Home –Calling Ireland from any country with a 3 network is included in your monthly bundle

For further details on these offers, please visit www.three.ie


*Business Solo Plan includes 10,000 flexi-units per month. Each flexi-unit equals 1 voice minute or 2 text messages or 500kb of data. Free 3-to-3 calls subject to fair usage limit of 3,000 minutes per month. Free Skype subject to fair usage limit of 5,000 minutes per month.