3, Ireland’s largest high speed network, has today detailed results of a recent survey which highlights how Irish people love to talk and text on their mobiles and who are Ireland’s most active 3Pay mobile customers.

With the average 3Pay customer spending between 80 and 90 minutes talking on the mobile per month and the rest of the time sending over 130 text messages, 3 could not have picked a better time to launch its new 3Pay offer, with consumers able to talk to anyone, any network for free all weekend, and text anyone for free anytime, with just a €20 per month top-up.

Today’s survey detailing the spending patterns of 3’s pre-pay customers over a thirty day period reinforces the old saying of different strokes for different folks, with only Offaly and Sligo featuring in both the top five of the text and chat categories.

Surprisingly, the Dubs have been pipped to the post by Limerick as the nation’s top 3Pay callers, whilst the people of lovely Kilkenny will be delighted to have topped the list of Ireland’s most active texters.  Waterford and Clare came in bottom place propping up the rankings for calls and texts respectively.

Prepaid Top 5 Callers                                      Prepaid Top 5 Texters

1)       Limerick                                                            Kilkenny

2)       Dublin                                                               Offaly

3)       Kildare                                                              Sligo

4)       Offaly                                                                Louth

5)       Sligo                                                                 Leitrim


Commenting on the survey findings, Elaine Carey, Sales and Marketing Director at 3, said, “Today’s survey results confirm what we at 3 have long believed, Ireland is a nation of chatterboxes! Whether it’s by call or text, it varies from county to county, highlighting why 3 is providing customers with the best value prepay offer on the market.”

The new 3Pay offer is available right across the country from today enabling customers who top-up just €20 per month to benefit from:

  • Free weekend voice calls to any network (unlimited)
  • Free anytime texts to any network (unlimited)
  • Unlimited data access (mobile surfing) for just €5