98% of people are seeing the benefits of shopping online according to a recent survey commissioned by 3, Ireland’s market leader in mobile broadband. The 3 Mobile Broadband Survey revealed that value for money was the primary benefit to shopping online as cited by 65% of respondents who avail of the deals on everything from concert tickets to DIY products from the many thousands of websites available online.


Top 10 favourite items that Irish people shop for include:

  1. Books, DVD’s and music 83%
  2. Tickets (concerts, movies, festivals etc.) 83%
  3. Fashion 59%
  4. Games 44%
  5. Electrical goods 43%
  6. Cosmetics 42%
  7. Sports and leisure wear 34%
  8. Home products (furniture) 23%
  9. Groceries 19%
  10. 10. DIY Products 16%


Overall a whopping 82% of all our surfers surveyed across Ireland use the net for fun and entertainment with just 18% using the internet for work or business. 35% of those surveyed stay in touch with friends online while an impressive 23% primarily use it for shopping, making the most of online deals, promotions and for those hard to find products. Unsurprisingly fashion clothing was a more popular online purchase among females (66%) than males (33%), whiles books, CDs and DVDs was virtually neck and neck with only half percentage point of difference between men and women..


An impressive 88% of overall respondents surf the internet every day, showing just how important the high-speed internet really is!


3’s broadband gives the Ireland an alternative to outdated fixed line broadband, allowing people to get online and shop where-ever they are!