3, Ireland’s largest high speed mobile network, has implemented Internet-based electronic bill presentment and payment technology from BriteBill. The solution, which was deployed in just six weeks, is helping 3 to reduce costs, while enhancing its business customers’ experience as it grows its presence in the Irish market.


BriteBill is the leading cloud-based interactive bill presentment and payment solution, providing for the enrichment, delivery and payment of bills over the Internet. 3’s new billing platform enables it to securely deliver detailed bills electronically, and at the same time provides its customers with greater insight into their billing history with easily understood reports and analysis available online as part of the billing process.


“BriteBill electronic bill presentment and payment technology offers significant benefits to both suppliers and their customers,” said Alan Coleman, chief executive officer at BriteBill. “Organisations like 3 can significantly reduce the cost of producing, distributing and collecting bills, while offering their customers additional services for analysing, segmenting and planning their telecoms and broadband costs.”


Eoin MacManus, Commercial Director at 3, commented: “3 has big ambitions for growth in the corporate and SME markets in Ireland. This investment reflects our intention to deliver market leading services to our customers. BriteBill’s interactive billing solution was implemented in just six weeks and provides us with a flexible platform that incentivises more business customers to change from paper bills to more cost-effective electronic billing.”


With BriteBill’s interactive bill presentment technology, 3 can offer its business customers a rich suite of reports and functionality enabling businesses to gain greater insight into their billing relationship with the mobile operator. The solution provides analysis and reports by role within customer organisations, including in-depth consumption analysis, usage reports and peer-to-peer review, as well as merged-bill or split-bill analysis. All the functionality is delivered online, based on BriteBill’s flexible software as a service platform.